Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NHIA?

Formed in 1995 as the successor to the Herd Improvement Organisation Victoria, The National Herd Improvement Association of Australia Incorporated (NHIA) is the industry organisation that promotes herd improvement within the Australian dairy industry by providing a range of services to its membership, and through that membership, to benefit Australian dairy farmers.

NHIA, which is managed by a Board of Directors elected by the Members, has a membership spread throughout Australia, with membership reflecting the concentration and distribution of the dairy industry towards the south east corner of Australia.

NHIA’s Objectives are:

  • Lead the continual development of the Australian Herd Improvement Industry;
  • Represent the industry for the benefit of NHIA Members;
  • Stimulate high quality exchange of ideas and technology within the HI industry;
  • Stimulate higher levels of professionalism within the HI Industry
  • Deliver cost effective products and services to the benefit of the members.

What is Important Herd Improvement Information?

Detecting cows on heat is one of the most important factors in successful Artificial Insemination breeding programs. This quick video will be very helpful for all dairy farmers and their staff:

What are the Benefits of Using Fresh Sexed Semen?

At North East genetics we have become industry leaders in the use of Fresh Sexed semen in large synchronised Artificial Insemination programs for heifers and cows. When fresh sexed semen is used, the results are better for farmers than frozen sexed semen. We have used it in heifers in a FTAI (fixed time artificial insemination) program and in cows, and it produces better results.

Fresh sexed semen gives consistently higher conception rates then frozen sexed because the semen is not damaged by the freeze/thaw process. Frozen sexed semen can be a compromised product that yields variable conception rate results.

Sexed semen insemination needs to be done correctly to increase chances of getting more animals pregnant. Due to the decrease in fertility of sexed semen, it is vitally important that animal selection and management, and semen handling and insemination are the best they can be.

Individual conception rates for fresh sexed semen in dairy heifers show that conception rates of up to 70 per cent are achievable, but 55 per cent was the overall average. This compares to a 40 per cent conception rate with frozen sexed semen.

I have been involved in the cattle genetics industry for 33 years. Since 2008 I have been a founding partner of North East Genetics, specialising in breeding programs for beef and dairy producers Australia wide. In recent years we have become the industry leader in the use of Fresh Sexed semen in large synchronised AI programs heifers and cows.

At home I have a commercial beef herd made up of Speckle Park cross cows.

Away from work heavily involved in local sport but have a passion for cricket. President of my local club for 20 years and played for 35 years. Junior coach and instigated the introduction of girls cricket 5 years ago. Maybe the highlight of my time in the sport.

Also love AFL football especially the Sydney Swans.

Jonathan Thomas

Manager/Owner North East Genetics